Spring Meadows Health Care Center

A Legacy of Excellence

Serving Health Care Needs in Montgomery County and surrounding Communities for over 30 Years

We offer an easy 24/7 admission process


We are ready to take care of your needs after your elective surgery in a safe and controlled environment. Our therapy programs are unsurpassed and we will work to get you back home very quickly. We realize patients are eager to schedule their elective surgical procedures. Hospitals are now ready and willing to get patients back into the Operating Rooms.

· Private Rehab Suites
· Surgical Aftercare and Services
· Specialized Therapy Services
· Discharge Plans tailored to your needs

Specialized programs will allow you to get back to the comfort of your home in a matter of days not weeks.

Welcome To Spring Meadows

Finding the right healthcare center for your loved one or patient can be a challenge. You want to make sure they will get the care and attention they need and feel like they’re at home. You need a healthcare center that has skilled and experienced staff, and the proper infrastructure and programs for short-term and long-term care.

Spring Meadows Health Care Center checks all the boxes when it comes to an experienced healthcare center that focuses on helping patients return to everyday life activities. Home therapies and traditional rehab centers can’t match the effectiveness and convenience of our rehab programs. If long-term stay is necessary, we have the staff, facility, and community to make your loved ones stay a joyful and meaningful experience.

30+ Years of Experience

Spring Meadows has proudly been serving Montgomery County and surrounding communities for over three decades. We are well established within the community and understand the local culture and how our seniors relate to others. A critical part of senior recovery depends on creating a feeling of familiarity and comfort.   

Full-Service Care

Spring Meadows is a full-service care facility that addresses the short-term and long-term needs of our residents. We offer 24-hour nursing care, skilled practitioners, active and engaged medical directors, and all the therapy programs needed for a successful recovery and improved quality of life. We have spacious short-term and well-appointed long-term rooms, housekeeping services, and planned activities designed to keep resident morale high.

Medicare Certified

We are a Medicare-certified health care center. Medicare requires strict guidelines and quality controls to qualify for certification. We also accept many Medicare Replacement plans and Private Pay.

Medicaid Assistance

We can help individuals who need to file for Medicaid. We will help navigate applications, updates, and any appeals.

Short Term Care

Our short-term care services focus on improved functionality and regaining independence for our residents. Discover how our short-term therapy programs can improve your loved one’s quality of life.

Long Term Care

If a long term stay is warranted we have all the comforts of home. The staff and community bring a sense of security and purpose to your aging loved one’s life. Rest assured knowing they are taken care of and have access to daily activities and social experiences that create a sense of meaning as they continue to age.


The right therapy carried out by skilled practitioners is key to regaining functionality and independence. Our therapy focus ranges from physical and speech, cognitive and psychosocial, and more.

Palliative Care

Specialized medical care for individuals living with serious illness. Palliative care focuses on relief from the symptoms and stresses of a serious illness under the direction of a Board Certified Palliative Care Practitioner. The goal is to improve the lives of both the patient and family.

Respite Care

Taking care of your loved one every day is a challenge. Taking a break allows you to recharge and be the best caregiver you can be. Respite care provides temporary relief for caregivers. We take over your caregiving duties for a short amount of time allowing you to vacation, rest, and get the personal time you need.


Regular and planned activities are critical for the well-being of seniors to have a continued sense of belonging. We have special events for holidays and special off-site trips to places our residents and patients want to visit. Daily onsite activities like bingo, cards, music, baking, and worship keep our residents engaged and feeling like they’re a part of a real community.


Our friendly and warm atmosphere with the proper amenities make for a pleasant short-term or long-term stay. Rooms are spacious and have all the comforts of home. Housekeeping and linen services ensure sanitary and comfortable stays. Dental  and personal care services give our residents everything they need in one place.

Spring Meadows Staff

Having an all-star staff separates mediocre health care centers from unforgettable ones. We pride ourselves in the quality of our staff. The longevity of our staff is unrivaled when compared to other facilities. We know our success is dependent on the caliber of the people we work with each day. The longevity of our facility and the commitment of our staff sets us apart in our industry.

Kind Words from Our Residents and Families

“I’d been at several different rehab facilities, but every time I walk through the door here, I feel like I’m home.” Ethel Unkle, Rehab Patient

“Quality health care for loved ones. Continuous efforts and compassion. Class act on all fronts.” Ken Ellis, Family Member

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