Spring Meadows Health Care Center

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Spring Meadows Health Care Center
220 Highway 76
Clarksville, Tennessee 37043
931-552-9683 FAX
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Directions to Spring Meadows Health Care Center

From Nashville, Tennessee

  1. Merge onto I-65 N via EXIT 208 toward LOUISVILLE/CLARKSVILLE/I-24W. (go 2.1 miles)
  2. Merge onto I-24W/I-65 N via EXIT 86A on the LEFT toward CLARKSVILLE/LOUISVILLE. (go 2.1 miles)
  3. Keep LEFT to take I-24W via EXIT 88B toward CLARKSVILLE. (go 33.9miles)
  4. Merge onto TN-76W via EXIT 11 toward CLARKSVILLE. (go 3.6 miles)
  5. End at SpringMeadows, 220 Highway 76 Clarksville, TN

From Gateway Medical Center

  1. Start out going WEST on DUNLOP LN toward TED CROZIER BLVD. (go 0.2 miles)
  2. Turn RIGHT onto TED CROZIER BLVD. (go 0.9 miles)
  3. TED CROZIER BLVD becomes HOLIDAY DR. (go 0.4 miles)
  4. Turn RIGHT onto WILMA RUDOLPH BLVD/US-79 N/TN-13 N. (go 0.1 miles)
  5. Merge onto I-24 E toward NASHVILLE. (go 5.9 miles)
  6. Merge onto TN-76W/TN-76 CONNW via EXIT 11 toward CLARKSVILLE. (go 3.3 miles)
  7. End at Spring Meadows, 220 Highway 76, Clarksville, TN

Map to Spring Meadows